Glossary Close
A2D Analogue to Digital
AT Audio Transport eg. tape or disc player/recorder
ATR Audio Tape Recorder
b/s backshell
BPO Long Frame Jack (knurled ring)
c/w comes with
d/s drain shield
DA Distribution Amplifier
D2A Digital to Analogue
Db D Style connector
D sub D Style connector
dB decibel
i/p input
I/P input
m/w mates with
m/wx mates with exclusively
MD4 Minidin 4 pin
o/p output
RU Rack Unit = 44.45mm or 1¾"
t/c timecode
t/s thumbscrew
TRS3 Tip, Ring & Sleeve 3.5mm
TRS6 Tip, Ring & Sleeve 6.35mm
TS3 Tip & Sleeve 3.5mm
TS6 Tip & Sleeve 6.35mm
Un/Bal either Balances or Unbalances
VT Video Transport eg. tape or disc player/recorder
VTR Video Tape Recorder
w/o without
XLR "Cannon" style
XLR3 XLR 3 pin
XLR3ml XLR 3 pin male line connector
XLR3fp XLR 3 pin female panel mount